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Website Hosting, Maintenance, Design & Development 

You should love your website whether it's brand new, 10 years young or patiently waiting in the wings to finally be finished. 

A website holds tremendous significance in today's digital landscape. Just think about your own behavior when encountering a new brand. Naturally, you turn to the internet. You delve into amateur detective work, scouring reviews and stalking social media profiles—essential steps in forming an opinion.

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Think about it this way. . . . If what we're saying about the importance of websites isn't true - how did you find out that we had said something inaccurate in the first place? 

Oh, our website? Your honor, we rest our case. 

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We do all things website. We can scratch-build a site on ANY platform. When we say any platform we're including plain old-fashioned HTML. *dusts Bryan's shoulder off*


We can help in whatever stage of your web development you're in; whether it's in the conception stage, the development stage, or just the maintenance and update stage. We can build entire large sites with dozens and dozens of page, and/or single little bitty landing pages. We do not discriminate. 


From captivating website design that leaves a lasting impression, to reliable web hosting that keeps your site running smoothly, to meticulous website maintenance that safeguards its performance, and cutting-edge website development that brings your visions to life.

Clever Website Design Packages & Prices

All Website Package include EVERYTHING you need to get your page built from scratch including: 

➜ Free Server Space & SSL for the first year 

➜ The purchase, set up, and calibration of the domain. 

➜ Sourcing custom themes, and builders needed for the website build. 

➜  SEO, market, and competitive research necessary prior to strategy. 

➜ All strategy and consultation calls.

➜  All website copy, custom banner, and graphics. 

➜  All on-page SEO optimization including creation and calibration of Google Analytics to track progress. 

➜ All review cycles, edits, and revisions within the build period.* 

➜ All necessary web testing of apps, forms, or booking software incorporated. 

The following items are always an additional/alternate charge: custom coding, excessive rounds of revisions or revisions that last beyond the build cycle*, Ecommerce components, premium plugins, live chat support, app development, and off-page SEO.


Budget Friendly Website Packages

All website pages can be broken into affordable payment plans. Up to 5 payments. Bills are sent every 2 weeks, so if you're on a 4-payment plan then your billing would take place over 8 total weeks. 

There are no contracts or deposits and if we need to pause during development there is no fee. 

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You Own Your Site, Outright! 


We retain no ownership of your site once the payment of the package is covered. You have no monthly fees or subscriptions and you are free to make any changes you'd like to the site at any time! 

The site will live on our server* and if elected we will provide monthly maintenance, but that's all optional!

*If you have your own server, we're happy to host it there. 

Example of Recent Website Work 

Screenshot 2022-11-16 7.44.16 PM.png


  • Subscription Based Business

  • WordPress + Beaver Builder 

  • Rebuilt and Improved 

  • Member Login & Payment Portal Integration 

Screenshot 2022-11-16 7.58.47 PM.png

Couples Intentsives

  • Couples Therapy Intensives 

  • Full Build 

  • Wix Hosting & Builder 

  • Frequent Edits 

  • Automated Form System 

  • Custom Coded Sections

Screenshot 2021-11-29 3.48.41 PM.png

Let Go Let EFT 

  • Therapist Site

  •  Scratch Built

  • WordPress + Beaver Builder

  • Youtube Integration

Screenshot 2023-03-08 12.13.32 PM.png

Heron Haven

  • Wildlife Sanctuary 

  • Full Build 

  • Wordpress 

  • Payment & Membership

  • Automated Form System 

  • Clever Catalyst Hosting 

Screenshot 2022-11-16 7.54.05 PM.png

  • Author, Coach, & Consultant 

  • Scratch Built w/Branding Package 

  • WordPress + Beaver Builder PRO 

  • Clever Catalyst Hosting 

Screenshot 2023-06-06 7.48.47 PM.png

Sagewood Medical 

  • Medical Billing Site

  •  Scratch Built

  • WordPress + Beaver Builder

  • Calendar Integration 

  • Ongoing maintenance 

Clever Website Maintenance 

Standard rates and details about packages are included below but do not hesitate to reach out with specific questions. 

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Package Details Below

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Monthly Website Upkeep - $150


  1. Bimonthly checks

    1. Updating Plugins

    2. Reviewing

    3. WordPress Warnings

  2. Backup files pulled of Active Sites


Monthly Website Upkeep + Updates - $300


  1. Bimonthly checks & backup files pulled

    1. Updating Plugins

    2. Reviewing

    3. WordPress Warnings

  2. Up to 3 hours of website edits, changes, or updates

    1. Such as: adding/removing promo banners, integrating the plug-in, basic edits, the new product adds, blog posting, etc.


Monthly Website Upkeep + Updates + Audit - $500


  1. Bimonthly checks & backup files pulled

    1. Updating Plugins

    2. Reviewing

    3. WordPress Warnings

  2. Up to 5 hours of website edits, changes, or updates

    1. Such as: adding/removing promo banners, integrating the plug-in, basic edits, the new product adds, blog posting, etc.

  3. Monthly website report generated and delivered with recommendations for improvement

  4. 1:1 Q&A with Christi



When we say back-ups..... 

We back up the site monthly by pulling the backup files and storing off-server in the following locations: our secure cloud drive, and on two separate external hard drives in two separate locations, managed by 2 separate people. (Bryan + Christi) So there are no fewer than 3 backups that are up-to-date within 30 days at all time you're in an active back up package.  

Ready to Get Started?

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