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Paid Search Ads (PPC) 

Google It!

If you're giving The Clever Catalyst your ad spend dollars and leaving the rest up to us we're putting that money into search ads on Google 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time we're putting that money into Youtube ads, which are still considered Google Ads but not search ads. 


There are more than a few reasons why The Clever Catalyst loves search ads so much but in an effort to save your time and our energy let's just give you the top 5! 

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Best Friends
  1. High Consumer Intent! 

    • Search ads allow you to target only people searching exactly for what you're offering in the exact area you're offering it in.​

  2. Greater Reach

    • More people use Google than use Facebook AND more people use Google for more relevant tracking information than most people put into Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Think about it, what platform do you think knows more about your consumer habits? (pro-tip check what brands fall under the Google umbrella first) 

  3.  More Control

    • Google ads can oftentimes offer more control and we like that. We can set daily and per click budgets, we can set schedules, we can make real-time adjustments, and clearly see the effects of said adjustments.  

  4. Less Ad Spend 

    • Given the high intent, the greater reach, and the controllability of search ads typically much less money is required to start seeing results. 

  5. Better Results 

    • Ultimately this all comes down to better results in the form of higher ROI, lower CPC and more clicks than you know what to do with! ​

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Still Not Convinced?

How Does the Process Work ?

It's easier than you'd think. 

The Clever Catalyst requires NO, NONE, and NADA of the following: 


  • Contracts (unless you're bringing your own) 

  • Commissions 

  • Retainers 

  • Minimum Ad Spends 

Wet Cat

The process goes a bit like this. . 


Conversations are had about or in regaurds to running paid search ads. 


Strategy is developed and keyword research is done. (typically 1-3 billable hours) 

Once that's completed: 

Said strategy and keyword plan is presented to the client (that's you!) and we discuss/adjust accordingly. 

Once Approved: 

Ads are built. (another 1-2 billable hours) 

From There: 

We monitor the ads at a minimum of 3 days a week and make adjustments to keyword, audiences, and other setting as needed. (1 hour per ad per week of billable time) 

What we CAN'T do!

We cannot promise sales, we cannot promise conversions, and we cannot promise add-to-carts. 

Utilmately in order for us to do that we would have to be at least a million dollar marketing company and we aren't. Which is good because you can't afford that anyway! 

There are a lot of places in the sales journey where a customer can fall off. Poor website design, bed check-out process, not accepting their preferred payment method, etc. The Clever Catalyst will always acknowledge and suggest correcting these prior to starting a campaign and can often handle the corrections in house as well. 

Here comes the but. . 

BUT as a small business owner, and thus not a millionaire, you will likely launch ads before the conditions are perfect - because perfect conditions are expensive. That's a good call - we advise it! 

So in this case we are just two small business owners working together, both in our respective areas of expertise,towards the ultimate goal of your choosing, ie web traffic to your guided meditation Youtube Channel for example. 

We need to maintain an understanding at all time that paid advertising is ALWAYS a gamble and there are too many variable at play for us to ever feel comfortable guaranteeing a certain number of sales dollar per month.

What we CAN you do!

We can develop a solid strategy complete with the metrics we WILL watch in order to gauge success. These are normally metrics such as Cost Per Click, Clicks or Impressions. 

We can then execute that plan including monitoring those specified metrics and making sure they are exactly where we want/expect or better. 

We can then track sales in collaboration with client/you and try to the best of our ability gauge the overall success of the ad. 

Every situation is different and we act accordingly. If you want a copy and paste strategy we are NOT your people. 

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