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Why should you care
Clever Communications?

Well that's a great question! My hope with this email marketing adventure is to grow a small (distant) and happy community of like-minded small business owners.

A place where I (or members of my tiny marketing co-operative) can offer advice, share helpful books, articles, and/or videos I've/we've watched recently, answer questions and contribute to the overall success of as many small, tiny and theoretical businesses as possible! 

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but like why?

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A cynic would tell you I am starting this adventure with a pipe dream of making money from all of the subscribers to my email campaign. As a cynic, I can appreciate that point of view. And in the spirit of transparency, I would ABSOLUTELY ADORE it is every single one of you reading this became one of our clients and my entire team and I became unnecessarily rich and lived happily ever after serving cool people like you! (I'm pretty sure they'd like it too!

HOWEVER; that's only half the story and not even the important half. Do you know how many times I've been yelled at by a fellow marketer for not-niching down? Do you know how many times I've been told I should focus on only this industry or that industry, rather than just small businesses on the whole?

More times than I care to count. 
And you know why I don't? Because small business is where my heart is.

That's why I have half a dozen healthcare workers on the rooster but also a pest control expert, a professional cleaning company run by a bad-ass mother of 3!, a general contractor, other marketing companies (all with smaller niche markets), and a freaking gypsy

I don't want to help one industry. I want to help you ALL!

And not because I'm greedy but because the world would be a hell of a lot of a better place if there were more small businesses and fewer big businesses! 

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