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Full-Service Ecommerce the Clever Way! 

E-commerce is a tricky business. On its surface, it's simple enough but there are plenty of pitfalls for the inexperienced. That's where The Clever Catalyst comes in!


If you know how to ad products to your shop and you just want some additional support for the hiccups that will inevitably pop up or someone to take the entire workload OFF OF YOUR ALREADY OVERBURDENED PLATE we can help!  

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What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce, as intimidating as it is, is a pretty simple concept. Ecommerce is just commerce (ie shopping) on the internet. If you go to a local Target and buy out the entire Dollar Spot you are participating in commerce. If instead, you wait until the day after Valentine’s day to purchase all the heart-shaped boxes of chocolates at 90% on then you are participating in (thrifty and admirable) eCommerce. 

    Seems almost too easy right?

Wherever you are in your ecommerce journey (including the theoretical stage) we'd be happy to help talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. No obligation. No charge. No pressure! 

Ecommerce Services

Some common Ecommer Services we offer here at The Clever Catalyst include: 

Commerce Set Up -  Whether on Wix, WooCommerce, Shopify, Instagram Shopping, Squarespace, or any of the other countless commerce platforms on the world wide web we can help get you all set up. This can be from scratch or picking up where you or another company have left off! 

Inventory Management - Need new products added to the site? Or what about current products updated with new categories and prices? Or maybe you just need to export and clean up a nice pretty inventory spreadsheet that you can use as a master list for all inventory management? We draw the line at storing your products in our garage but otherwise, we've got you! 

Product Photos - Yes you heard that right. We have our very own talented photographer and we're more than happy to help capture some stunning product images for your shop! 

Shop SEO - An online shop is great but an online shop optimized to show up on the first page of Google is better! Let The Clever Catalyst help you master that SEO on the shop, product and category pages! 

On-Call Commerce Manager - Maybe you have no pressing needs right now but you know you will. That's fine. Let's establish a line of communication and we can be ready to jump in when needed. No minimum hours or retainers required!   

Just a few of our Ecomm Sites 

Ecommerce Adjacent Services

One of the coolest things about partnering with The Clever Catalyst is that we are JILLs of many trades and our expertise is not restricted to just eCommerce! We offer several digital marketing and virtual assistant services that pair beautifully with Ecommerce services. 

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