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Paid Social Media 

What is Paid Social Media?

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Paid social media is when you pay to run ads on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This is different from Organic Social Media in the sense you are not paying to boost or otherwise alter the way your consumers come across the content. 

In a nutshell paid social media is when you pay to show in a feed on a social media platform, organic social media is when you allow the content to find people naturally (and by naturally I mean with the raw social media algorithm). 


Who needs Paid Social Media? 

As with all services offered and rendered here at The Clever Catalyst ultimately the answer is whoever wants one! We offer paid social media services at an affordable hourly rate, we charge NO COMMISSION, and there are no retainers or minimum ads spends. 

If you didn't already know that - these are all unique aspects of running paid ads. 

Who probably doesn't need Paid Social Media? 

Again, if you want us to we will start paid ads whenever the order comes down the pipeline. We can, have and will continue to put our clients' requests at the very top of our list. However, there are some times we will take the time to recommend additional steps in other marketing areas BEFORE throwing money at the masses. 

Here are a few of those not-to-uncommon scenarios: 

 A quality organic strategy is needed for at least 60-90 days prior to starting any paid campaigns for several reasons with the most significant being audience building, consumer trust, and overall brand awareness. 

The ads are going to drive traffic to a destination such as a website booking page or a shop page. If that destination is not ready then any paid social media work will be nothing more than an expensive brand awareness campaign in which you elect to put off a bad first impression. (Not recommended!) 

  •  The client/business has no clear objective with the ads

Anytime we are asked to execute an action without a clear objective you will get what we call "Christi Questions". Not necessarily a bad thing in it of itself, and oftentimes its entertaining enough. ​

About Social Media Marketing
Guyton Depot Facebook Ad

Guyton Depot Facebook Ad

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What Social Platforms does
The Clever Catalyst Service? 

The Clever Catalyst offers ad services on the following social media platforms: 

✨ LinkedIn ✨Twitter ✨Pinterst ✨Youtube  

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Wait, what about Facebook & Instagram?

The Clever Catalyst NO LONGER offers Facebook/Instagram/Meta ads. We have in the past and we cannot say for certain we never will again. However; we can at the moment confidently say we are no longer comfortable operating on the Facebook/Meta platform based on purely idealistic moral reasoning. 


That being said, The Clever Catalyst can still consult and advise on Facebook/Instagram ads. We can also calibrate the Facebook Business account to run ads and are more than happy to assist with assets creation and strategy. 


We just will not launch, maintain or adjust any current, past or theoretical ads on the platform.  

In the mood for some Google Search Ads?

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