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Our Story

Our Story

/About The Clever Catalyst 

The Clever Catalyst is a ragtag group of intelligent and highly capable human beings on a mission to change the way the world does business! As a boutique digital marketing company specializing in practical, organic, affordable, and easy-to-understand marketing. 


The Clever Catalyst is very much a small business marketing and support agency with a big business mindset. We are unapologetically different in our approach to marketing which allows us to bridge the gap between the companies that can afford to clutter the advertising world and those who DESERVE to! 

We strongly believe business should stand for something. A business shouldn't put profits above relationships and a business should give back to the communities they serve as well as the team powering the business forward. 

In 2019 Christi launched The Clever Catalyst after freelancing with a baby on her hip for a few years. She grew tired of helping businesses do business wrong and tired of "grinding" 24/7. She knew there was an easier way, a kinder way, a more authentic way to do business. And so The Clever Catalyst was born. 

Our Values

Our Guiding Values

What Makes The Clever Catalyst Different? 

There is a reason why the tagline for The Clever Catalyst is "Unapologetically Different"!

So much of what we do here and how more importantly HOW we do what we do here is different. And a lot of that is by design. The Clever Catalyst specializes in different. 

We understand that the needs of your business are not the same as the needs of the business behind you in line.


And even IF the needs were identical, your businesses were in the same industry and you served the same consumer base, the approaches taken to meet those needs should not be identical. 

The Clever Catalyst does offer a few packaged services and we do provide a basic price list, but this is done only for our most popular plug and play services (like a new website server set-up or a social media audit), all services are 100% customizable and more often than not we create a brand-spanking-new-one-of-a-kind set of services for each and every client we serve. 


We also do not put much stock in trends, not because we aren't trendy (#asif), but rather because being trendy often leads to being overlooked. 

We also strive to be compassionate and patient when working with small businesses because we know how scary it can be! We never pressure, force contracts or turn away projects because they are too "trivial".

We approach all work, whether big or small, with the exact same amount of enthusiasm and honesty. 

What makes The Clever Catalyst different is that we understand and embrace the differences of the small businesses we serve! 

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