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Email Marketing

Coming to an Inbox Near You!

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Email Marketing is not new but what it lacks in newness it more than makes up for in EFFECTIVENESS! Email marketing is a high-conversation, high-intention, and VERY low-cost marketing tactic. It allows you to communicate directly with customers in an almost-real-time fashion!  

In general, there are 4 types of email marketing; Acquisition (getting new leads), Promotional (featuring a new item or sale), Retention (trying to keep current customers customers), and Newsletters

And your friends over here at The Clever Catalyst can help with them all! 

Fully Integrated Small Business Marketing with The Clever Catalyst

The truly amazing thing about working with The Clever Catalyst for your Email Marketing needs is that you can rest easy knowing that we don't only understand the ins and outs of email marketing but digital marketing on the whole! 

We can seamlessly incorporate your branding, your social feeds, your website, and any other marketing aspect into your email marketing efforts. What's that you don't have social media set up for your business yet? Well no worries we can help with that too! 

With The Clever Catalyst, you can build the marketing you want around the business you have and effortlessly adjust the plan as your business grows. 

Small Business Email Marketing Services

If it's email marketing we can do it!


We can safely say there isn't an email marketing challenge we've faced that we have not been able to find a happy and successful solution to! 

  • Account set up

  • Strategy & Content Planning

  • Content Creation

  • Graphic Design

  • Automation

  • Reporting

  • Follow up campaigns

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Some Common Email Services Include: 

All of this is with NO retainers and NO contracts ever! Just you ask for email marketing and we give you email marketing and when you ask us not to, we don't. We're old-fashioned like that! 

How to Get Started! 

Getting started with Small Business Email Marketing is pretty simple and also pretty plug and play. The process looks a bit like the follow: 

Step 1: Generate an Email List 

Step 2: Start the Conversation with Us! - button below

Step 3: Develop a Strategy (either alone or at this point with us!) 

Step 4: Implement the Strategy 

Step 5: Access the Strategy & Make Adjustments 

Step 6: Enjoy the Sweet Sweet Fruits of your Labor 

Step 7: Repeat steps 4 -6 for all of eternity*. 

*or as long as the need to market via the channel of electronic mail requires. 

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