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Our Team

Meet The Clever Catalyst

Our tightly-knit group is finely tuned to meet the dynamic demands of today's business landscape. Each member brings a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set to the table, making us adept at tackling a wide range of challenges.

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But beyond our expertise, what really drives us is our shared values of honesty, hard work, and empathy. We're not just colleagues; we're real people juggling careers, families, and about a dozen kids between us.


In an ever-evolving industry, we thrive on learning and adapting. Sure, we're not immune to Googling solutions now and then, but you can count on us to approach every task with sincerity and integrity.

Gone are the days of rigid contracts and hidden fees. With us, it's all about flexibility and transparency. If our approach ever doesn't quite hit the mark for you, feel free to hit pause, stop, or tweak our collaboration as needed.


For us, business is personal. It's about forging genuine connections and working together towards shared goals. Because we believe that the best outcomes are achieved when we collaborate, not just transact.

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Christi Underwood

Founder, CEO, CFO, 

Marketing Director & Client Care Supervisor 

Christi is the proverbial mother of this entire marketing cooperative!  

As the CEO of The Clever Catalyst, she wears a lot of hats. She is the Client Care Supervisor for all of your HIIPA-Compliant Clients, the Ads Manager for all paid ads, the head of automation for all things automated (which is everything), and the Marketing Director. 

And that's not even taking into account the unspoken #smallbusiness roles like CFO, Sales Department, and Operations Manager. 


But she is STILL the single point of contact for every client. She is STILL the final set of eyes on every deliverable and she is the Reigning Heavy Weight Champ Chaos Coordinator for both this small business and her small family. 

Christi enjoys playing Elden Ring or Civs 6 for longer than any person should in a single sitting, painting, and watching bad reality tv.


She is a vegetarian, a DC superhero nerd, an Ohio State Football fan, a novice crocheter, an unapologetic treehugger and a homeschooling mom. 

Bryan K. Reed

Head of Development, Designer &  

Assistant to the Regional Marketer

Bryan has been with The Clever Catalyst BEFORE there was A Clever Catalyst! 

He reps the role of Chief Creative Officer here at The Clever Catalyst. He is the head of design and spearheads ALL graphic design projects. As well as being the head (and the majority) of our Web Design & Development Department! And as if that didn't keep him busy enough he also functions as an Assistant (to the) Regional Marketer, helping Christi manage all strategy, automation, and delivery of all things CLEVER Marketing! 

Bryan lives in North Carolina with his - caterpillar enthusiast - wife, Vanessa, and their FIVE Reedlets and growing family of chickens. In his off time he enjoys the simple things in life; hanging out with his family, cooking things from scratch that no one cooks from scratch anymore, doing art things, and continuing the ongoing war of the pest that taunt his backyard natural oasis and try to eat his chickens.  


Tronisha Riggle

Clever Administrative Expert

Tronisha is the golden ray of sunshine to the otherwise sarcasm-laden digital equivalent of a basement that Christi and Bryan often build for themselves when working on complex projects.


But don't let this Disney-obsessed, Golden Girl-watching, amateur flora photographer fool you! She is a no-nonsense mother of 2 boys under 4 and an aspiring track coach. 

She is also the reigning champ of all things administrative, technical, research-driven, project planning, and team management. She is the smiling face in every team meeting, the helpful admin for countless private practices, and the always-willing-learn-Lisa-Frank equivalent to the metaphoric duct tape that is precariously holding us all together. 

Not sure how we did it without her, but that sounds like yesterday's problem, doesn't it?

David Underwood

Clever Operations Officer (COO) & 
Head of Accounting 

David Underwood has been working for The Clever Catalyst in an unofficial capacity since its inception; as he is in a long-term committed, co-parenting, paying-too-much-for-rent, legally binding, life partnership with the owner. 


David might be the smartest one of us having graduated in the top 10 of his class and rivaling Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in his uncanny ability to know everything.


Seriously, if you're ever in a Trivia Game - this man is the man to have on your team! 

For the better part of the last decade, David spent most of his time working with the great State of Ohio at Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, where he was on the roster as a "Senior Financial Analyst" until the growth of The Clever Catalyst catalyzed some conversions around the Underwood dinner table. 

Accounting degree in hand, David helps manage most accounting and bookkeeping tasks here at The Clever Catalyst as well as using that huge brain of his to help us decipher and read the complex data that comes with digital marketing. 

David is an amateur movie director, a homeschooling dad to the world's most stubborn student, an experienced BBQ sauce maker, a Lego enthusiast, and a Batman lover. He is also a Sagittarius, an Enneagram 5 (big surprise), and a heavily invested watched of professional and collegiate football. 

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Crystal Johnson

Clever Copywriter, Graphic Designer 

& Email Marketing Assosicate 

Crystal joined the Clever Crew in 2024 during a high-growth period for the business, and not a moment too soon. With a sunny disposition that rivals even Tronisha, speed to rival Aries himself, and July Cancer tendencies that give Christi a run for her money, needless to say, this was a match made in human resources heaven. ​

Crystal is the newest addition to the Clever Creative Crew responsible for creating the marketing masterpieces you've all come to expect from us. As a Clever copywriter, graphic designer, and email marketing associate, it's safe to say we'd like to keep her! 

​When she's not working with highly-convertible and always original content, you'll find her hanging with her family #momof5, reading, writing, practicing photography, or designing cards for her boutique greeting card company. 

Savanna Wilson

Client Care Coordinator
Budding Web Designer 

Savanna was another addition in 2024 (the year of growth). We found her in the Smokey Mountains, and it only took a 20-minute call to know she was meant to be a part of this team! 

Savanna is our main HIPAA Administrative Expert and is responsible for all things Front Desk at The Clever Catalyst, a perfect role for "Savanna Smiles." Her days are filled with new patient paperwork, claim submissions, and managing more voicemails than Bryan or Crystal have kids.

She hopes to learn/improve her website design skills, and given that she works here and was bold enough to share that with us, it's only a matter of time before she helps us create 

When she's not running private practices in multiple states at the same time, she ventures back into the Smokey Mountains to admire the wildflowers, connect with her faith, explore the forests, or just treat into this one-of-a-kind #introvert's paradise. 

Or she makes dinner for 3 kids. . . . #momlife! 


Our Charities

We believe all businesses should make it a point to leave their communities in better shape than they found them. And we practice what we preach!

We've made it a priority to give back to our communities and support social change.

Every new team member is asked to choose an organization that means something to THEM, specifically. The Clever Catalyst then makes a monthly contribute to said organization. 


 We aren't a multi-million dollar company so our contributions are modest. But it is our hope that as we grow and prosper as a business we can help to create powerful and necessary change. 

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