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Website Hosting

On top of creating your website from scratch, we can also give it a home!  Cue the inspirational music because this is the essence of motivation.


Through our partnership with liquid2, we are able to include hosting with our website packages, as well as some amazing prices when you renew your hosting through us.


If you prefer to just live in our neighborhood and you have your own site (or are going the DIY route), we can certainly give you a home and comfy place on the big WWW (world wide web - or internet for those from this decade). See pricing below.

Our recommended hosting plan that we'd rest your site on includes:

  • Unlimited space

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited MySQL databases (1 GB ea.)

  • 2X Processing power & memory 

  • Premium DNS

  • 1-year SSL certificate to secure customer data and increase search rankings. (First year included)

Of course, the web and top secret owners of all the server farms in the world put limitations beyond our control over all things internet related so, there are some changes beyond our control.


However, when we hear about, know of, notice, or finally get in the inner circle of web sages that sit on an island all to themselves, we will inform you of the change and how it effects us all.

The dreaded fine print!

Say whaaaaat?!

There's no fine print.

We believe in full transparency. No hidden cost. No hidden invoices. It is what it is.  

Our recommended hosting:

  • $325 W/ SSL and Domain (if needed)

  • Security

  • Real person Live help

Need a place all your own? We have Dedicated Servers too:

  • Starting at $3,000 W/ SSL and Domain (if needed)

  • Security

  • Real person Live help

  • And more details based on your needs. This kind of umph needs a phone call! 

Image by Nik
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