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Clever Communications is The Clever Catalyst's rendition on good old fashioned Email Marketing. 

It was never lost on me that most of the people and small businesses we would have the pleasure of crossing paths with in our line of work would NEVER become active clients of ours. However, I resent the notion that that means I cannot service said individuals. 

Enter Stage Left: The Clever Communications

If you're not ready or interested in starting services with us but are still interested in the topics, areas, and industries we service this email list is for you! 


Those who sign up for Clever Communications can expect periodical email communications on the following topics: 

  • Small business marketing tips, tricks, how-to's videos  and other valuable resources 

  • Small business marketing reminders of upcoming holidays/industry changes etc

  • Shameless (but modest) plugs of current Clever Catalyst-related content such as Clever Chronicle (our blog) features, new Clever Commodities Products, and recent client success stories

  • Clever Catalyst specials or sales or service changes

Frequency of communication not to exceed 2 emails per month with the more realistic number being somewhere around one per month/quarter as our budding email list grows. 

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