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Well Hello There!


We are so thrilled you were able to find our little corner of the internet. Allow us to introduce ourselves

We are The Clever Catalyst! 


You have A LOT of choices when it comes to digital marketers, content creators, virtual assistants, social media marketers, paid advertisers, you name it! 


Despite this intense market saturation it can be harder than ever to find a digital marketing agency that can competently work with small businesses.


Many of our competitors will offer cookie-cutter approaches that are guaranteed to make your brand look exactly like every other basic brand on the market.

This is great for the marketing agency but not so much for the small business, which often needs a much more specialized, custom-tailored, and compassionate approach to marketing, and business in general.  

Large scale, multi-platform, five-figure marketing strategies may sound impressive - because they are. But impressive does NOT mean appropriate

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE huge marketing campaigns and can run paid marketing ads just as good as the big guys! (In fact, we run them for some pretty big guys) But the special sauce that makes The Clever Catalyst so popular is our ability to help the SMALL. 


At The Clever Catalyst our approaches are unique. Unique when compared to our competitors and unique even when comparing current, active clients in the same industry in the same country. 

Why? Because if you're paying for marketing for your business it should be what YOUR business needs. Not what's trending.

If you're in the market for a marketer (or other small business help) please feel free to reach out and start the conversation. We don't pressure. We don't judge. And we don't overcomplicate the process. 
Pinky Promise!

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If You Want to Stand Out You Have to Hire Different

In today's world everyone is starting their own business, marketing on social media, promoting a blog, and (insert literally anything else here). This is a good thing for a million different reasons. Visibility is not one of them. 

The increase in people and brands on the streets of our big blue marble and on the delicate strings of the ever-expanding interwebs can leave a company feeling like they are standing in the middle of a busy street, naked as the day they were born, painted bright red and screaming at the top of their lungs somehow UNNOTICED!  


We can help you get noticed, in a way that makes sense for the size of business you are NOW. Not the ideal client the marketing firm you're talking to would like you to be! 


 We can also help you to the sidewalk, help you into some nice warm clothes and offer you a throat lozenge. 

The Clever Catalyst is a Boutique Small Business Marketing Company with an affinity for affordable guerrilla marketing! We ALWAYS customize our services to fit our client's needs and can't help but keep things simple, honest, and fair!

The bottom line is if you want to stand out you need to HIRE differently and we, here at The Clever Catalyst are proud to play that role! We are unapologetically different after all!


Clients Past And Present